SARA Systems – A new Science Approach

SARA Systems is a new service provider for scientific institutions. It manages scientific projects, providing a coherent systems approach framework for all participating working groups.

SARA Systems acknowledges that modern science needs a different, more adequate support in order to be successful. In all areas, due to the complexity of research, typically different working groups from different institutions need to work together. In addition, there almost always needs to be a long-term research aspect. This includes research preparation, method overview, objective monitoring of research activity, and systematic archiving of research results.

In many cases research is not entirely successful because research cycles as imposed by research funding institutions are taking place on incompatible time scales. SARA Systems provides a long-term research background framework which enables also short-lived, more focused projects to achieve proper research preparation, efficient communication during research funding, and a long-time archiving of research results after project shutdown.

SARA Systems also serves as a science communicator, and as a science market place. This can be best understood in terms of scientific software development, a central activity of SARA systems. Nearly all research projects nowadays use scientific computational approaches, like data analysis and simulation, or machine learning. SARA systems will systematically archive scientific software in a life archive, where different coded scientific methods derived from different scientific projects will be systematically compared, eventually combined, further developed, and made accessible over long time-scales, taking novel computational developments into account.